The Benefit of Offering a Rapid Tan in Your Spray Tan Business

Jan 14, 2024

In the dynamic world of sunless tanning, choosing between a rapid or 8-hour solution can be a dilemma. However, the answer lies not in picking one over the other, but in embracing both for a versatile approach to meet the diverse needs of your clients. We will dive into the benefits of choosing to offer a rapid tan option in your sunless biz, however, we must first note that if you’re a spray tan artist that only offers rapid solutions, it’s time to rethink that decision! Let’s take a look at why it’s important to offer rapid and standard 8-hour solutions to your clients.

Why Choose Both?

While a rapid solution offers the convenience of an earlier rinse time, it may not suit clients with busy schedules or limited opportunities for rinsing within 2-4 hours. For example, say you have a client who has a skin type of 1 or 2 on the Fitzpatrick Scale and they come to see you to get sun-kissed on their lunch break. If you only have a rapid rinse solution available to use, your client is going to go back to work, potentially have to pick up the kids from school or run errands after work which means they will be leaving their tan on for 4+ hours without rinsing. When clients don’t rinse at the recommended time, especially when using a rapid, the risk of over development and pulling orange greatly increases. As the trusted Glow Giver for your clients, providing options that cater to their lifestyles and desired outcomes is essential.

The Advantages of Offering a Rapid Rinse

Now that we’ve prefaced this to showcase the importance of differentiating your solution offerings with the 8-hour sunless solution of your choice to add versatility, customization and the best results possible for clients, let’s have an overview of why it’s advantageous of you to offer a rapid rinse solution along side your standard 8-hour solution to your clients. For sunless artists navigating the sea of options in the industry, the rapid tan oftentimes comes as a game-changer to client satisfaction, convenience, and even the potential to earn additional income for your business. Here's why incorporating rapid tans into your service menu is beneficial to the client experience:

  1. Convenience for Clients: Rapid tans spare clients the traditional 8-12 hours wait before rinsing, offering a more flexible and convenient option. With a rapid solution, clients only have to wait 2-4 hours to do their initial rinse.
  2. The Busy Client’s Go-To: Many of your clients are moms and career women who have a lot on their plate. These clients with hectic schedules are more willing to pay for the convenience of a rapid tan because it allows them to go on about their day without having to worry about smudging their tan while checking off their to-do list. 
  3. Upsell Opportunities: Strategic service menu planning allows you to effortlessly upsell rapid tans, boosting your average sale amount. Due to the price of rapid solutions typically being more than 8-hour when bought from a supplier, you have the opportunity to also price your rapid rinse option higher to your clients. Many spray tan artists will bump the price of their rapid option around $10. Therefore, when you come across a client that would benefit from the advantages of using a rapid rinse, you can upsell this option to them and bring in more revenue to your business.

Here’s a few scenarios that allow rapid rinse solutions to steal the show when it comes to comfortability, convenience and overall client experience:

  • Sleeping in bronzer is no longer an issue when it comes to a rapid rinse spray tan. Clients can rinse before bed and not have to worry about smudging or transferring their tan overnight. Not to mention, clients who are worried about getting spray tan on their sheets will love this option!
  • As we mentioned previously, clients with busy schedules can rinse and go on about their day without having to worry about messing up their tan. The busy ladies don’t have time to sit around and marinate for 8-12 hours and with a rapid tan, they don’t have to!
  • Clients who book an early morning appointment with a standard solution would have to go on about their day wearing their fresh bronzer. When choosing a rapid rinse, clients can avoid that sticky or uncomfortable feeling while developing.

Obsidian Sunless Dark/Rapid: The Most Versatile Solution

With countless brands offering rapid rinse solutions, Obsidian Sunless Dark/Rapid stands out as a versatile choice simplifying the life of sunless artists. Serving as both a rapid tanning and classic solution, it ensures flexibility in your business and for your clients, putting it at the top of the list of favorite sunless solutions amongst X-Tan artists. X-Tan Sunless understands the needs of spray tan artists aiming to create a five-star luxury experience for their clients. Offering premium sunless solution options suitable for all skin types, X-Tan Sunless empowers you to deliver exceptional results for each and every client that walks through your door.

Ready to elevate your sunless business? Discover more about Obsidian Sunless Dark/Rapid by visiting the X-Tan Sunless website. For personal instruction on becoming an Obsidian pro and delivering stellar results to your clients, head over to Spray Tan Class on Youtube!