Social Media Content Ideas For Beauty Business Babes

Jun 05, 2022

One of the many jobs that beauty biz babes have is staying on top of that social media game, unless you’re at the stage where you’ve decided to just delegate. We all know that creating content and posting consistently takes a lot of time and energy! Chances are, if you’re new in business you’re still wearing the social media manager hat. Even for beauty pros that have been in the industry for a long time, creating content and thinking of ideas to post can feel difficult. With the world we live in, everything is online. If you aren’t online, your business will be less relevant and oftentimes, be seen as less trustworthy from the prospective client that is looking for the services that you offer.

You already know that posting on social media can help drive interest from prospective clients seeking your services, but you may have trouble deciding what to actually talk about online to grab your follower’s attention! When coming up with content ideas for your beauty biz you always want to entertain, educate, or connect. Adding value in your posts gives your followers the reassurance that you're a knowledgeable service provider. Also, one of the ways that I was able to grow my business so quickly was through creating a personal brand for myself. My followers were able to connect with me as a person and therefore building a know, like, trust factor in my business became more effortless. 

Here we’ve listed out five content ideas for you to customize to fit your business! Remember, to make things easier on yourself, BATCH CONTENT! Create lots of content in one sitting and schedule it out for the week or month. You will feel so much more at ease with the weight of having to come up with something on the spot off your shoulders when you specifically delegate time to get creative in your social media marketing. 

Content ideas

1. Personal Story

I’m a huge fan of when beauty biz babes show their faces in their biz! You can incorporate posts that specifically relate to who you are as a person. This could be a story about how you got a started in your business, an "about me” post, a story about your “why.” Anything that lets your followers connect with you on a personal level.

2. Behind the Scenes

Everyone loves to get a sneak peak of what goes on within a business, especially if they’re trying to decide if this is the right fit for them to book their appointment. This is where you can show up and give a preview of what goes on behind the walls of your business! Do a BTS from an appointment, filling packages or the day in the life of a business owner.

3. Social Proof/Review

When people are shopping, they will always look at reviews before making a purchase! People trust other people opinions, even if those other people are strangers on the internet. Share some of the kind words you’ve gotten from clients in the past to help encourage new clients to book with you. We have an entire lesson on how to get raving reviews of your beauty biz in our Masters Certification Course so that you can continue to book a solid clientele!

4. Edu-tainment

Most of us who are scrolling our lives away on social media are doing so to be entertained. We want to come across a post, a video, or a quote that makes us feel something! Educate your followers with information on your services but keep it quirky and fun. You can do this by using a fun meme or quote that catches their eye. 

5. Sales

Selling on instagram or facebook doesn’t have to seem so “salesy.” Talk about a service or product that you offer and hit the pain points your clients have so they read it and say, “ohhh, I NEED that.” This is a great time to use storytelling in your posts. When you tell a story that is relatable to your followers, they will be more apt to buy what you’re offering without feeling like they’re being sold to because you’re really just offering a solution to whatever problem they currently are facing.

Online marketing for your business through social media should be a fun way to connect with your followers and gain more eyes on your business. Social media as a whole offers such a massive reach that can be a huge factor to your business growth overall. Take advantage of that!

For more in-depth marketing know-how targeted at helping you bring in more money to your beauty biz, check out our course offerings on Spray Tan Class now!