How To Start A Spray Tan Business In Under 30 Days

spray tanning May 21, 2021

Are you ready to start a new career that offers flexibility, high-earning potential, and an amazing community? Read on to learn how to start your own spray tan business in less than 30 days.

When it comes to starting a new business, organization is key. And it isn’t easy to organize your spray tan business when starting from scratch — especially when you’re a one-woman show.

At Spray Tan Class, we provide our students with a simple 3-step process that allows them to get their business up and running in less than 30 days, with less stress and more success.


Start Your Spray Tan Business TODAY:


You can get your spray tanning certificate either online or in person.

Make sure you review the company’s website, social media accounts and do your research! Unfortunately, spray tanning is not regulated in many states so anyone can train others. As a CA Licensed Esthetician, education is incredibly important to me and giving my students the best sunless education is my #1 priority.


A good training program will give you information about different pieces of equipment and the importance of certain tools, solutions, etc. based on your specific goals. Personally, I love the Apollo Mini-Mist for both home, in-salon, and mobile services. It’s super affordable, powerful, and is a great quality machine. Once you get this you can move on to the next step (v, v important!).


Once you get your online or in-person training completed + get your equipment, START PRACTICING IMMEDIATELY. Don’t wait! You probably won’t feel 100% ready no matter how amazing your class was but that is because you haven’t had enough practice. Grab your friends, grab your family and get to sprayin’!

If you don’t do this, you will never feel confident. YOU need to start sooner than later even if you aren’t 100% certain about what you are doing. Once you practice enough, you will feel much more confident (I promise!) and you can start taking paying clients.

Unfortunately, for many women, the hardest part of starting a new business is having the confidence to commit fully to the process. It can be difficult to motivate yourself in the beginning, especially when you’re flying solo, but the key is to keep your eyes on the prize!


Here are my top tips for you as a new entrepreneur:

  1. Realize that no matter what, you are GUIDED. Have faith that there is a reason you are being pulled to do this NEW thing… whatever it may be. You are supported, you are guided, and you wouldn’t have the opportunity to do this if it wasn’t meant for YOU!
  2. Think about THE WORST case scenario. I always ask myself “What is the worst that can happen?” and when I am being honest with myself, the “worst case scenario” usually isn’t even that bad! You will never know until you try and the last thing I want for me, in my life, is to live a life of regrets NOT doing the things I wanted to do!
  3. I made the decision to STOP OVERANALYZING and START TAKING ACTION. When I started taking the first step toward my goal I realized that the information I needed started to present itself. Taking action and starting the process showed me how EASY it was to actually do the thing I was scared to do and encouraged me to continue moving forward.


The most important tip is to TAKE ACTION. I can personally attest to how crucial this part is because if I did not take action, I would absolutely not be where I am at today.

Sometimes people think that I have it all together… but in reality, I am human, too! I actually have quite a number of other secret fears I had (or still face) when it comes to taking on new projects, and I look forward to sharing more of them with you in future blog posts!

xo - Kelly