Meet the Founder:

Kelly Callaghan - The Queen of Sunless Tanning

Licensed Esthetician, Coach, Speaker + Creator of Slay The Spray

I’m Kelly Ann Callaghan, founder of Spray Tan Class


I didn’t always have a million-dollar beauty business.
A few years ago, I was sitting in my cubicle at my corporate sales job bawling my eyes out.

I was gutted.

I had the money, the great job, and the so-called success…but deep down, I was the UNHAPPIEST I had ever been in my entire life.

"Why should I have to sacrifice my happiness for money?" I thought to myself.

So, I quit my job and searched for my happiness, on nearly every continent around the world.
But – after 18 months of living the nomadic dream, I found myself DIRT BROKE with only $2k left to my name.

Right then I had to make a choice. Be happy and stay broke, or get a real job and be miserable.
Neither one of those sounded like a good idea.

I wanted to have both.

I wanted the money AND the happiness. I didn’t want to choose one over the other.
So, I decided I was going to have to start my own business so I could be in control of my finances and my happiness.

This is How I Started My 6-figure Spray Tan Empire

Rummaging through some old notebooks, I opened up a journal and found a note that I had written for money-making ideas.

At the top of the page, I had written in big giant letters “MOBILE SPRAY TAN COMPANY”. I couldn’t remember when or why I had come up with that idea, but when I did my research, I discovered that making money in spray tanning could be easier than ever.

Here’s why:
▪️ You don’t need a certification or license to spray tan
▪️ You can charge anywhere from $50 - $80+ per tan
▪️ With just a few clients a day, you could make over $100,000 a year
▪️ Spray Tan Art is one of the easiest skills to learn, no matter your level of experience.

But that wasn’t the real reason I wanted to start a spray tan company.

I was also attracted to the freedom:
▪️ I could make my own schedule and be my own boss
▪️ I could make as much money as I was willing to earn
▪️ I could travel with my business and literally live anywhere in the world and always have
a source of income
▪️ And best of all – I would spend my days helping women feel beautiful and glowy, something I’ve always been passionate about.

Spray Tan was the simplest and quickest way to go from $0 to 6 figures without getting a “real job” that robbed me of my joy.


So I took those last $2k of mine and went ALL in on my Spray Tan company. Here’s what happened:

▪️ I started my own mobile spray tanning business that grossed over $30k in its first year
▪️ I expanded my business to a Salon in San Diego that became the go-to salon of choice for thousands of women, breaking the six-figure mark!
▪️ I created Slay The Spray experience – the world’s largest spray tanning event
▪️ I grew my spray tan side hustle into a beauty empire that makes $1,000,000+ per year
▪️ I taught thousands of women my exact strategy to scale their businesses from nothing to a six-figure money-making machine.


Oh, and did I mention…


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But that’s not the whole story…

I’d be lying if I said the journey was a cakewalk. I had to endure a lot of trial and error before I got to where I am today. I came close to giving up on this dream many times. 

Here’s why:
▪️ I discovered that managing clients can be DIFFICULT, especially when business is booming
▪️ Starting a business on your own can be scary and overwhelming
▪️ Not all spray tan trainings are equal – and I spent thousands of dollars and dozens of hours before I learned everything I needed to know
▪️ Every spray tan class I took focused more on selling their product than educating me on the science or business
▪️ None of the classes taught marketing – and I had to figure out on my own how to grow my clientele in an ever-changing market
▪️ This industry is COMPETITIVE – so making friends and building a network was a HUGE challenge!

But I’m not made of glass – I wasn’t going to be broken that easily by this industry. Instead, I decided that I was going to figure out how to support other women who were on the same journey as me. So they didn’t have to waste time, money, and energy trying to find their way in this niche like I did.

I wanted to do something to empower future sunless artists by:

▪️ Developing comprehensive training that not only taught technique but also taught business and marketing.
▪️ Teaching the importance of mindset and the law of attraction when building a business
▪️ Creating training that women could take on their own time and learn at their own pace
▪️ Offering In-person, private one-on-one coaching for a more “hands-on” learning experience
▪️ Teaching a wide range of spray tan solutions and how to find the right one for each client's skin type and color
▪️ Sharing my expert recommendations on products and resources so no one had to waste time and money on bogus sunless products
▪️ Helping them overcome the fear, doubt, and insecurity that hold many women back from pursuing the life they dream about
▪️ Building a network of beauty business professionals where women felt supported and inspired to stay on their sunless journey (and could stay safe from haters and dream crushers).




As a result, Spray Tan Class was Born.

Since then, my trainers and I have helped thousands of women start a business that makes them happy
and helps them scale to 5 and 6 figures and beyond!

Spray Tan Class is an Industry Leading Training that’s miles ahead of everything else out there.

Don’t You Deserve Both?

Don’t you deserve to live a life of financial abundance and happiness?


▪️ Don’t you dream about living a BOSS life that doesn’t drain your spirit dry?
▪️ Aren’t you tired of not being in control of your own wealth, your schedule, or deciding how you spend your life every day?
▪️ Don’t you want to stop telling yourself the same burnt-out excuses that are stopping you from putting yourself first and making the most out of your life?

You Deserve to be Happy

And I don’t mean fake happiness where you’re just retweeting positive affirmations but still being toxic in real life.
I mean TRULY happy with yourself and how you spend your life every day.

Happy with what you do because it feels meaningful, and it literally makes you glow from the inside out.


Becoming a Luxury Spray Tan Artist Is Your Shot At Living The Life You’ve Always Wanted Book your discovery call today and discover how you can change your life for the better as a luxury spray tan artist.


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