How To Start A Mobile Spray Tanning Business

Jun 10, 2022

We know it’s been something that’s on your mind. The thought of freedom. The thought of being able to make a difference in the lives of other women. The thought that you could actually escape the soul crushing job that you currently have and do something you love with passion everyday. Maybe you’ve been following us for a while and you love to see the beautiful bronze goddesses that we work with. If so, you may have thought to yourself on more than one occasion, “I totally would love to do that! But.. I have no idea where to start.” The great thing about starting a mobile spray tanning business is that you have the opportunity to make a high profit with low overhead and start up costs. It’s really one of the best beauty businesses to get involved with because you can get set up and start making money relatively quickly!

Okay, okay enough chatter. Here’s a little run down on steps you can take to get your mobile spray tan business up and running in no time!

Brand it Baby

This is the fun, creative side of the business planning process that has to do with how you will market your new bronze business. Think about what you want your business to stand for, what colors you want to use, and what feeling you want people to have when they interact with your brand. Think about a business name that resonates with you and create a logo that will speak to your audience. This step involves creating the outward perception you will build as your business continues to gain clientele and make a name for itself. If you’re not super marketing savvy, that’s okay! At Spray Tan Class we have marketing courses that will give you the know-how to set yourself up for success.

Make it Official

Setting yourself up in the right direction at the very beginning  with the legalities of your business can do you some good later on down the road. Do research on what the requirements are for registering a business in your state and get that paperwork taken care of! Every state is different and it’s at your discretion whether you want to form an LLC, a sole proprietorship, a corporation, ect. If you need help in making these decisions it's great to reach out to a tax professional to get a better understanding of what business structure would be best for you.

Get Certified & Set Up

Now that you are officially a beauty biz babe, you need all the things to actually perform your service! If you haven’t already taken your certification course, do that! Although getting certified in spray tanning isn’t legally required in most states, (check your state requirements beforehand) getting certified in your new craft can help you build confidence in your skillset and give you the knowledge to create an exceptional experience for your new clients so that you can start earning positive word of mouth right off the bat. You’ll also want to order your equipment and supplies. X-TAN Sunless has everything you need to get you prepared to hit the ground running on this front!

The Details

You’ll also want to make sure that you’re protected from any mistakes that may take place during an appointment by getting yourself insured. Draft up a waiver form and get other client materials put together, such as spray tan care information that you can pass along to every client that books with you. This is also where you want to start your journey to being an organized business owner. Start early with laying out an efficient way to keep track of client appointments and information that is safe and secure. 

Get Out There

Now it’s time to hit the ground running! There will of course be many many things that you’ll want to add to your business as you grow, but this is a great starting point. Now it’s time to market yourself! Set yourself up on social media, hit up some local businesses so that you can introduce yourself and announce that you are open for taking appointments. Building a clientele and smashing the goals you have set for yourself won’t happen overnight, but without putting time, effort and money into those dreams, you won’t see the progress that you hope to make!

Getting your new venture up and running doesn’t have to be scary or complicated! You just need the right tools and support to be able to take that step. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place for exploring the resources that will set you up for that freedom you’ve been wanting to achieve! If you’re ready to take hold of this new journey, register for our Beginners or Masters Spray Tan Certification Course today!