How to Get Over your Fear of Sales

Nov 04, 2021

Does the word “Sales'' make your skin crawl? That miiiight be an indication that you have a bad relationship with selling within your business. Today I want to talk to you about thow mindset can be a huge way to transform your selling. Here are our pro-tip takeaways to remember on your journey to growing into a bomb azz sales woman in your beauty biz:

  1. Find products you actually use and love
  2. Provide value through educating clients when talking about products or services you’re selling
  3. Mindset is everything. Remember that your clients value you and your professional opinion.

So let’s get into the juiciness on how to make “sales” not such a scary word. Allowing fear to take over in your business, especially when it comes to selling your services, can be a problem because as a business owner, that’s one of your absolute #1 responsibilities! Without sales.. you don’t make any of those coins. And girllll, if your biz isn’t making money, then it’s just a hobby, okur!?

A lot of Glow Bosses that I talk with are afraid to come off as a “sleazy salesperson.” We all know the kind - used cars salesman, a door to door vacuum salesman, yada yada. Let’s first start out by saying that FEAR is a scam. Everyone feels fear, but what I like to call fear is, “False Evidence Appearing Real.” It’s false! The fear of sales is really only in your mind. Guess what girl-fran, this is a good thing because that means you can change the way sales makes you feel! What you may be blocking yourself from understanding is that this is just a problem with the mindset you have around sales. Once you switch that up, you’ll be able to effortlessly make sales and you’ll truly see the difference in your business and your bottom line. If you resonate with this at all, the skewed perception of sales that you currently have is really only holding you back for your true potential. We all want to make the big bucks in our business, we all want to reach a certain level of monetary success and the only way that it’s possible to knock down those goals is through mindset and SELLING. 

I like to think that as a business owner you’re not only selling your products or services, you’re also selling yourself! People love to buy from other people they relate to. That’s why the core of your marketing strategy should be to get your potential clients to know, like and trust you. Once that happens, they’re going to realize something that YOU may not even be realizing right now - you’re the expert! And that one small fact is a huge piece of the puzzle that will help you turn your mindset around when it comes to sales. Your clients come to you because YOU know best. All of the courses you’ve taken, certificates you’ve earned, knowledge and experience you’ve gained throughout your time as a beauty business babe is what makes you an expert in your field! Here’s where a lot of you boss babes get tripped up - you don’t have to know EVERYTHING to be an expert. No one will know everything. But the fact that you know more than the client makes you the expert in the client/professional relationship. As the expert, your opinion and recommendations matter! 

The reason people feel like selling can give off that feeling of being pushy is because you’re forgetting about the value of what you’re selling and the value of the knowledge you bring to your clients. You spent a whole lot of time working toward being the best you can be in your industry - that’s valuable! You know what products are going to help protect your clients investment - that’s valuable! You understand what is going to be the best option for your clients based on their unique needs and wants - that’s freaking valuable! So instead of going into sales with the mindset that you’re pushing your client to just spend more money with you, as if you’re being “greedy,” think about the value you’re providing to your client and the overall value of the experience you’re creating for them. For example, if you’re a spray tan artist and you offer tan extend lotion as a retail product but you hate the idea of even bringing it up at your appointments because you’re afraid the client will think your being pushy - remember that as the expert you know the value of what tan extend lotion does for a spray tan. However.. the client probably doesn’t. This is when education comes into the sales equation, my friends. If you start to train your mind to realize that you’re educating your clients on the best way to keep them looking glowing and fabulous through extra products and services you offer you’re less likely to get that sleazy salesperson feeling when trying to sell. 

After all, educating your clients and being able to provide them with the products and services that you know will help them look their best for longer is really doing them a solid as it is! They’re spending money with you because they trust you and your business to give them something they desire, that they feel will be beneficial to them. As a sunless artist, they’re trusting you to change their appearance. That’s a lot of trust! Therefore, the next time you go into a conversation with a client, remember to provide value, educate and stand in your expertise as a sunless boss babe!

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