How To Create Your Perfect Beauty Biz Brand

Mar 03, 2022

Let’s talk about BRANDING! Do you feel like you have a strong brand or is this something you find yourself struggling with? When you’re first starting your business it’s common for the excitement of your new venture to flood your mind with all these new amazing ideas and visions of what you want to create. Although, in another sense, you may find yourself in business for quite some time and still haven’t nailed down a clear brand image or voice for your biz. If you find yourself in either of these places when it comes to forming your brand, I am here to help you sort it all out so that you can introduce your current and new clients to a brand that oozes all the goddess that speaks to who you are and who you wish to serve. 

Your brand is essentially what you stand for, what you communicate to your audience and how your business as a whole looks and feels from the outside. When you think about the brand you want to create, you should think about how you want your biz to be perceived by others. Maybe you want your brand to feel bold and bright. Maybe you want your brand to feel calm and serene. Typically however you choose to present your brand coincides with your personality and the type of ideal dream client you have in mind. The way your company feels to others from the outside will be a determining factor for most new clients on whether they feel you will be a good fit for them. Not only that, but having a brand that is cohesive on all platforms adds to the feeling of professionalism that your company gives off. 

The beautiful thing about this branding process is that you have the freedom to take your brand any which way you desire. How exciting!? You can let the creative juices flow, but whichever way you want to take your branding, there’s two very important things to keep in mind:

1. Be consistent

You want your brand to be easily recognizable! When someone sees a post while scrolling on instagram they should instantly think to themselves, “Oh, that’s *inset your company name*” Everything you create that deals with your business should be comprehensive. By creating this type of cohesiveness in all of your marketing materials, it allows people to recognize your brand no matter what platform they see it on. For example, if someone is on your instagram and they decide to go to your website, they should feel the same messaging, vibe, voice and imagery from your business.

2. Stand for something

When a business has a strong brand it speaks to people on a whole other level. The marketing you do in your business should always be focused on whispering to the few instead of shouting to the masses. When you’re first starting your business and you’re feeling the urge and desire to build your clientele as quickly as possible, you may feel the need to be very expansive in the message you put out there. You’ll feel like you want to serve everyone, however talking to everyone is not your job. Your job is to resonate with the people that have the same values as you. Those values you carry will be communicated through your brand messaging. In order to figure this out, ask yourself what your brand stands for. What is your mission? How do you want people to feel when they interact with your brand? How do you want people to talk to their friends about your brand?

If you do find yourself struggling with branding, don’t stress! Once you find what really resonates with you and the voice you want your business to have, everything flows together a lot more seamlessly. I recommend picking  2 or 3 (maybe even 4) colors that you want to represent your brand and incorporate that into all of the things, including your website, your social media, your business cards, etc. Then, get clear on what your message is and who you’re communicating to. The good news is that as you evolve as a person and business owner, you also can feel the freedom to evolve or change your branding.

I hope this helps on your journey to creating the biz of your dreams! If you need more marketing and beauty biz tips, subscribe to our Beauty Business Babes Podcast on iTunes or Spotify.