How To Combat Client Vulnerability During Your Spray Tan Appointments

Mar 17, 2022

There’s several aspects to creating an unforgettable five star client experience with your spray tan appointments. We all know that being a first time spray babe means that your client’s might feel a little uncomfortable showing you their entire body. Every human on this earth has insecurities and standing in front of a stranger under bright lights while you’re stripped down to your knickers makes for a vulnerable situation. During this time, it’s common for a client to feel like all of their flaws are on display to be judged by someone else. You may often hear apologies from your client for aspects of their bodies, such as “I’m sorry for my cellulite” or “I’m sorry about my stretch marks.” Although you and I both know that we would never judge another person on any of these insecurities, we have to understand the mindframe that our clients are in during the time they spend with us. Being the professional beauty biz babe that you are allows you to uplift your client in a way that creates the most comfortable experience possible while they’re getting sprayed! Below are a few ways that you can combat this feeling of vulnerability during your appointments!

Use their name

You should always, always, always greet clients with a smile and use their name! It’s incredible how far a smile can go in making someone feel more comfortable in your presence. Using their name when you’re talking to them also allows them to feel a more personable connection with you! During the first initial conversation and meeting with a client, it’s important to be conscious of the energy you’re projecting. Offering a comforting presence with a smile gives off a warm energy that will allow your client to know that you’re excited that they’ve chosen you to be their spray tan artist. One of the major things to focus on in the initial meeting of a new client as well as through the duration of the appointment, is building trust. Using their name a few times when your client first arrives and a few times throughout the appointment will do wonders in building a trusting connection so that your client’s nerves feel more at ease. 

Have a conversation

I always recommend having a five minute consultation with your clients before you get down to actually spraying them. This is especially important with new clients because you are just starting to build that relationship and trust. This is also a great time to ask them about past experiences they’ve had with tanning, how they found you and if they're excited or nervous about the appointment. Asking questions and getting a conversation started lets them know you care and are interested in getting to know them as a person! Not only does this start to build a solid rapport with a new client, but getting to know the client better will help you deliver a service that’ll best suit them so that they leave their appointment feeling like they had an experience they will not only want to come back to, but also tell all of their friends and family about. 

Set expectations

Most of the time, if you have a new client come to you, they won’t know exactly what to expect during the appointment. It’s helpful to ease your client’s nerves by walking them through the process and checking in on how they're feeling throughout the appointment. Before you start spraying, I recommend explaining how the process works, for example, “Once I turn the gun on, you’ll feel air come out. This will dry you as we go and I will also dry you at the end.” You can also give them a step by step rundown of everything that will happen in the appointment, such as “I will prep your skin, show you how to position yourself while I’m spraying, take care off all of the disposables once i’ve finished spraying you, dry you one last time, set the tan with powder and then you’ll be all done!” Explaining the steps involved in the appointment will allow your client to take a sigh of relief, knowing that there aren’t going to be any surprises involved. Lastly, make sure to ask if your client has any questions before you get started. You always want to make sure the client knows that the lines of communication are open and you’re willing to listen to any concerns they may have. 

These few tips may seem small, but can go such a long way to making a new client feel comfortable in your presence and with the process of getting a spray tan while being completely stripped down. Always remember to put yourself in your client’s shoes and show empathy toward their feelings during this new experience! It’s easy to get into the mindset that if someone is coming to you for a spray tan then they must be comfortable with all that goes into the process, but that may not be the case! Communicating with your client, asking questions and building trust will allow you to create that amazing client relationship that lasts!

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