How DHA Works In Rapid Rinse Spray Tan Solutions

Aug 07, 2023

Differentiating your solution options can help you provide more variety to your clients and offer a more elite service to your clients. We love the idea of offering a rapid rinse spray tan solution to clients because of the convenience it provides for all the busy boss babes of the world. But, how does it actually differ from a classic 8-hour spray tan solution? A rapid rinse option works because of the increased percentage of DHA formulated into the blend of tanning ingredients that allows for a faster rinse time. Unlike traditional spray tan solutions that require the client to sit with their bronzer on for around 8-12 hours before they do their initial rinse, a rapid rinse solution can be rinsed in a shorter period, typically ranging from 1 to 4 hours. Once your clients are able to experience the more comfortable and carefree experience that comes from using a rapid rinse solution, they rarely want to go back to a longer wait time. We all know the feeling that comes from marinating in a tan for an entire day or even overnight. Wearing a spray tan for 8 hours before rinsing doesn’t make for the most comfortable process, not to mention, with a rapid rinse, clients are also able to experience the added benefit of not having to sleep in fresh bronzer! 

Dihydroxyacetone or DHA, as noted earlier, is the key component in a rapid rinse solution. This is the active ingredient that makes all of your client’s glow dreams come true. DHA is a colorless sugar that interacts with the amino acids on the top layer of the skin to produce a temporary tan-like appearance. Being a professional service entails being knowledgeable about how the ingredients in the products work with each client’s' skin type so that we can provide the most natural-looking results. When working with a classic 8-hour solution, the spray tan artist will create custom mixtures in order to achieve the depth of color that is desired by the client. The mixing that takes place is done in order to adjust the DHA percentage that will be applied to the skin, and therefore, adjusting the final tone that the spray tan develops to. However, when using a rapid rinse solution, this process differs because the DHA percentage isn’t adjusted to create the different depths of color. The key difference between these two formulations is the higher concentration of DHA that is included in rapid rinse solutions which works to accelerate the tanning process, allowing clients to rinse off the bronzer sooner. Essentially, instead of focusing on DHA percentages to create specific results, the rinse time will be adjusted to make different levels of spray tan results for the client. 

With that information in mind, let’s dive deeper into how DHA actually works when using a rapid rinse solution option:

Application Process 

As the spray tan technician, you will apply the rapid rinse solution in even layers across the client’s skin using your preferred spray tan applicator, just as you would with a classic 8-hour solution. It’s important to remember that the application will only develop properly with the right skin prep put in place. Make sure to educate clients on prep instructions and do your due diligence with your own pre-tan skin prep for an application process that is as seamless as possible. 

Initial Rinse

With a rapid rinse solution, we must make sure that our clients understand that allow this is a rapid option in terms of rinsing, it does not provide rapid development. The rinse time for a rapid rinse solution will usually fall between 1-4 hours. After the specified time has passed that was discussed with the client, the client should rinse off the excess solution in a quick shower, using just warm water without any soap, shampoo or condition. The client may notice that the color appears lighter immediately following their initial rinse, however the tan will continue to develop over the next 24 hours. What’s crucial to know when dealing with rapid rinse solutions, is that the longer the client waits to rinse, the darker the tan will develop. During the appointment, you should consult with the client so you can recommend a rinse time to the client based on their desired depth of color and natural skin tone. Communicate expectations with the client based on their preference. For example, when choosing to rinse after 1-2 hours, the client can expect the tan to develop to a subtle glow that appears as a light tan. Waiting to rinse after the full 4 hours will result in a tan that develops into a dark tone. It’s essential that the client understands that if they choose to rinse past their recommended rinse time, they may risk the tan developing to an unnatural tone on their skin. 

Development Time

As we mentioned, one thing to note when it comes to introducing rapid rinse solutions into your service menu, is that although the solution is able to be rinsed sooner, the time it takes for the tan to be fully developed is still 24 hours. This is why it’s important to communicate the development time process to all of your clients so they can plan accordingly when it comes to booking their appointments for an event. It’s also crucial for your clients to understand that due to the shorter rinse period, the initial color after their rinse will be much lighter than what their tan will fully develop to.

Experiencing the convenience of rapid rinse spray tan solutions and achieving a beautiful tan without the wait is a fantastic way to enhance the client experience within your spray tan biz. Nevertheless, it is vital to emphasize the significance of following recommended rinse instructions and aftercare measures to ensure this fresh glow lasts as long as possible. To elevate your spray tan kit with premium rapid rinse options and offer your  clients the luxurious sunless tanning experience of their dreams, visit the X-Tan Sunless Pro Shop!