Create a Luxury Client Experience with X-Tan Sunless Sticky Feet

Feb 02, 2024

Within the world of sunless tanning, the ongoing discussion among artists revolves around which option is best when it comes to protecting your client’s feet during their spray tan appointment. Various methods, such as sticky feet, craft paper, or a towel, have pros and cons that you've likely considered. So, the question arises – which option should you choose? Regardless of your chosen method to protect clients' feet, the objective remains the same: ensuring a flawless tanning application while still offering a high quality client experience and result. When aiming to create an atmosphere of luxury tanning, we can't help but speak to the benefits of using the X-Tan Sunless Sticky Feet as an element that enhances each client's overall experience with your business.

Let's address the topic of controversy surrounding sticky feet. Opinions vary, but here's the insight: for a truly luxurious experience, opting for X-Tan Sunless Sticky Feet should be a clear preference among artists aiming to stand out. While alternatives like craft paper may serve their purpose in keeping the soles of your client’s feet free of any sunless solution, they lack the luxurious touch that sticky feet provide. X-Tan Sunless Sticky Feet not only shields your client's soles from discoloration, but also fosters a sense of professionalism, setting the stage for a session that leaves a lasting impression.

As you may already know, all sticky feet are not created equal! This is one aspect of introducing X-Tan Sunless Sticky Feet in your business that creates such a game-changing experience for your clients. Crafted with clients and spray tan artists in mind, The X-Tan Sticky Feet feature a two-piece adhesive design, positioned on the top and bottom of the foot. If you’ve used different sticky feet in the past that have adhesive covering the entire surface of the foot, you'll understand – this is notably more comfortable for the clients when the sticky feet are removed at the end of their appointment. With this choice, concerns about creating an intense level of exfoliation that feels like the soles of the feet are being ripped off is no longer a worry (if you know, you know)!

Why does it matter which foot protection option you choose? In the sunless tanning world as a service provider and business owner, every detail counts. X-Tan Sunless Sticky Feet not only offers superior protection but elevates the overall client experience. While some artists seek cost-cutting alternatives, such as craft paper, our opinion is that opting for sticky feet creates favorable results that surpass the small investment needed to incorporate them into your business.

What's even better is that acquiring these luxury essentials is effortless! X-Tan Sunless has simplified the process, allowing you to order directly from the official website at or conveniently through Amazon. So, why wait? Seize the opportunity to transform your client's tanning session into an experience they can’t wait to tell all their friends about. Elevate your business with X-Tan Sunless Sticky Feet, ensuring every tan exudes a touch of luxury.