5 Tricks to Get Your Super Clear on Content Creation

beauty business content creation Sep 09, 2021

What I notice in the spray tanning and beauty business industry is a lack of knowledge in marketing.

I get questions like:
“Kelly, what do I post?”
“What type of content should I post?”
“How can I make my IG aesthetic better?”
“How can I be more consistent?”

Well, sista-friend, I am here to help you move through the idea that you will never get it. THERE IS HOPE! I promise.

What I ask from you is to take IMMEDIATE action on what I am about to share with you otherwise this will NOT work.

When you “wait” or start overthinking about it, you will get overwhelmed and you will make up the story that you can’t do this so you won’t. Or, you will… but you won’t be as consistent.

So, if you are committed to that – here are 5 tips that will help you come up w content creation:

1️⃣ KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE – seems simple right? Well, it is. But I will challenge you to dive in deeper with this. Know that your audience consists of cold, warm and hot leads. You must speak to each of those audiences in rotation. So, do a quick intro about your/your biz for your cold audience, show some behind the scenes fun for your warm audience and do a transformation post to show your hot audience what it would be like working with you. If this isn’t clear, check out my latest video on my YouTube channel that explains more.

2️⃣ WHAT IS YOUR AUDIENCE GOOGLING? – think of the most common questions that your audience has. If you don’t know, ask them by doing on poll or question pop up on your IG stories or go to some FB groups where your ideal client might be and ask what questions they have around the products / services you offer. Closed mouths don’t get fed- so, if you don’t ask you’ll never know. Once you find out what questions they have create content to help answer those questions. This will position you as the expert while helping them understand the service or product you provide even more.

3️⃣ MAKE IT SUPER SIMPLE – I see way too many people making things way too complicated out there. Stop over complicating it. Create valuable content that is short, sweet, easy and straight to the point. You and your audience will appreciate it!

4️⃣ NOT A GRAPHIC DESIGNER? Not a problem. Canva.com (on a computer) is incredibly easy to use to make all kinds of graphics – BUT, if that is something you really don’t want to do then head on over to fiverr.com or upwork.com to hire a freelancer to help!

5️⃣ CREATE A SCHEDULE – Oh man. This one can be a tough one. But, it’s not impossible and, in fact, it’ll create accountability and clarity for yourself and the direction you want to go in. You can use your normal calendar to batch content and to create a timeline on the topics you want to put out over the next 4-6 weeks. If you are like me, this might scare you a bit but I promise you, it’ll make things so much more fluid and graceful in your content creation and execution. Tip: you can also use an app like Planoly to help you organize your social media planning.

Welp! That’s it! I hope this has helped you. If it has, let me know via Insta by sliding into my DMs here and, as always, if you want to hear more marketing tips you can check out my podcast: Beauty Business Babes on iTunes or Spotify!


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