4 Marketing Strategies for a Year of Growth in 2024

Jan 13, 2024

The beginning to a new year can feel like a brand new chapter, a fresh slate and a time where we can reevaluate the goals we have for our lives and business. You may find yourself diving deeper into time spent planning and reflecting on the past year in order to develop strategies to come closer to old and new goals you have set forth for 2024. The beginning of the year is a great time to outline the objectives you have that will shape the trajectory of your business going forward. It’s important to remember that the key to unlocking more growth in 2024 is the emphasis put into your marketing efforts. As talented of an artist that you may be, marketing is the backbone of any flourishing business. Join us as we uncover the different strategies that can be used to reach bigger goals in 2024.

Marketing With Video

We are all well aware of the rise in popularity of Instagram Reels and TikTok videos. This is a great example of how video marketing has grown exponentially through the last several years. We can expect in 2024 that this trend will only increase, making it a great strategy to incorporate into your marketing efforts this year. One of the reasons that video content has gained such popularity is because of the ability for it to be used to build relationships with audiences. When introducing video content into your marketing strategies, outlets such as Live Video on Facebook and Instagram can allow you to build more authenticity into your brand. Short-form videos through Reels, as we mentioned before, have become an audience favorite on Instagram. This type of video content allows business owners to capture the attention of their audience in a way that resonates with their ideal client, leaving a lasting impression that prompts them to keep up with new content and follow along with their page.

The Collaborative Effort of User-Generated Content

Although creating content ourselves allows us to be in full control of the message we send out to our audience, leveraging the voices of our community and past clients has shown to be a great asset in spreading word of mouth, growing a more vast network and gaining more business. Make 2024 the year that you create space for user generated content through cultivating genuine reviews and testimonials. Your audience is more likely to grow more trust with your brand if they are able to read and hear positive feedback from others, even if this feedback is from a stranger. Another avenue for incorporating user-generated content into your marketing strategy for 2024 is through collaborations with micro-influencers. Due to the larger audiences that many of these micro-influencers have, you’re able to amplify the amount of new eyes from potential clients that will fall onto your brand. This two-way dialogue not only nurtures trust but also broadens your business reach through authentic stories shared by members in your community.

Beauty Business Collaboration

Relationship building is the heartbeat of business growth. This year, aim your focus on  collaborations with other women and business owners in your community who have similar ideal clients as you. By forging connections with other businesses, you create the opportunity to expand your network while allowing all parties involved to reap the benefits. Remember the power of collaboration over competition! By welcoming in these new relationships, you’re allowing your brand to get into the circles of new potential clients which can foster more growth for your business in a shorter amount of time.

Developing Your Personal Brand

One of the ways I was able to grow my business so quickly when I first launched my mobile spray tan company was through personal branding. I wasn’t afraid to step out of my comfort zone, be vulnerable and tell my story. This allowed so many other women who were in similar positions as me to connect and grow trust in my brand. In 2024, you have the opportunity to use personal branding within your business to help cultivate deeper relationships with your  audience through relatable content. This content doesn't even always have to be business related! Show the behind the scenes of your life and what makes you, YOU! We mentioned previously how beneficial the use of video content can be for relationship building in your brand. Utilizing video in collaboration with personal branding allows even greater connection to take place and builds a solid foundation for the know-like-trust factor.

Although we are just getting started with our 2024 goals, setting a plan now will allow you to get closer to your goals throughout the duration of the next 12 months. Through the use of video content, developing collaborations, and presenting more authenticity in your brand, we wish you a chapter of incredible expansion in your business throughout this new year. Spray Tan Class is here to guide you through the journey of your business growth. Make sure to set up a discovery call today to see what resources are available to help you accomplish your specific biz goals for 2024! Here's to a year of thriving sunless success!