3 Ways To Increase The Longevity Of A Sunless Tan

Jun 18, 2022

Today we have a sunless tip for you! Knowing your ingredients and the way they interact with the skin is super important to the quality and longevity of a sunless tan. Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is the active ingredient in sunless solution that gives that tan-like appearance. The way this ingredient works is by reacting with amino acids on the top layer of the skin to form a bronze color. You can think of this process as similar to that of an apple turning brown when it’s exposed to oxygen. This ingredient, however, is extremely drying to the skin. Yikes! As a spray tan artist, you know that hydration and moisturizing are two key components to getting a long-lasting, natural looking tan. When the skin becomes dry or dehydrated, the spray tan could over saturate the skin causing an unnatural appearance. Also, you may have clients that have sent you photos of patchy looking “alligator skin.” This unevenness that occurs when the tan starts to fade is generally caused by a lack of hydration in the skin. 

If the key ingredient to getting a sunless tan causes extra skin dryness, how are we able to ensure clients get a quality spray tan? Below are three things you can do to make sure that your clients tans are not getting affected by the drying component of DHA:

1. Hydrate & Moisturize

This is an important step in maintaining a sunless tan. If your client is especially dry, you will want them to stay hydrated and moisturize the week leading up to their appointment. You will also want to include in their post tan care that they should moisturize 1-2 times a day following their appointment. It’s important to note that staying hydrated and moisturized from the inside out is crucial to this pre and post tan step. Girl, drink yo’ water! It’s amazing how beneficial drinking an adequate amount of water a day can have on the hydration of the skin. Remember the skin is your body’s largest organ and your body is made up of about 60% water! We also recommend that when moisturizing, to choose a lotion that has clean and natural ingredients free of alcohol and oil that could cause premature fading of the tan. 

2. Use Prep Spray

One of the main uses of prep spray is to add moisture to the skin. There are some artists that don’t use prep spray because they don’t see much of a difference in the effect that it has on the spray tan overall, but it’s never a bad thing to add into your service! Any extra moisture that can be added to the skin before and after a sunless tan is beneficial! Even if you want to just use prep spray as insurance that you’re going the extra mile by adding a product that has hydrating ingredients, it will be worth it! Due to the added moisture component, the prep spray will help combat the drying effect of DHA and make up for some lack in hydration the skin may be experiencing at the time of the appointment 

3. Choose High Quality Products

The sunless products you choose to use on your clients can greatly affect the quality of the tan you’re offering during their service. The X-TAN products that we use are made with ingredients that benefit the health of the skin by prioritizing hydration and moisture. As we age, our skin loses collagen and elasticity and it becomes more dry. Dry skin then leads to the effects we see with aging, such as wrinkles. Choosing a sunless solution that is made with high-quality ingredients will help create longevity in color and improve how natural the tan looks on your clients. 

We love sharing our sunless tips with you to help you grow as an artist! Check out the Spray Tan Class Youtube page for more insights on how to grow your biz! Also, if you are looking to step up your product line, shop X-TAN Sunless for your must-have retail options and to update your kit with the most sought after high-quality, luxury sunless solutions.