How To Choose The Right Spray Tan Certification Course

Mar 26, 2022

I see you working so hard for that dream that is just SO close to being at your reach that you can feel it on your fingertips. You may be at the point where you’re  asking yourself, “what’s next?”

Or “how do I get to the next level?” No matter where you find yourself in your journey, whether you’re just considering taking the leap of faith into starting a sunless business, or you’ve been in the industry for quite some time, there is always that next goal to hit! As a fellow Glow Boss, I know the feeling of NEEDING to level up in my life and business. You and I are alike in the fact that we have big dreams, aspirations and a vision for ourselves that many people may not have! This is why I am here as your Slay Babe Mentor to help you reach those heights in your business by sharing with you the information I’ve learned along my own biz journey.

It’s time to step up your biz game today! At we offer courses that will have you become the best spray tan artist in your town, in no time. You may be feeling like you’ve been putting your ALL into your business and you don’t even know what next step to take to make it to your next goal. Being amazing in your field and determined to stick it out among the rest by never giving up is how you will reach that next level of success that you’re working so hard for! At Spray Tan Class, we truly care about giving you the building blocks to make your dreams a reality so that you can blossom into your greatest potential.

You want to know the truth? I see what you have to offer, girlfran! I see your potential and the drive you have to accomplish each and every dream you have for yourself. This is why I’ve created courses that embody the information and education to teach you the skills and techniques that will elevate your artistry and enhance your knowledge in business. Our Spray Tan Certification Courses are laid out to give you the best of the best information to skyrocket your skill level AND scale your marketing efforts to heights that bring in the clients, money and time freedom you’re really craving.

We offer Online & In-Person Certification Courses for Beginner and Master level artists because we believe that no matter where you are in your journey, you deserve training and mentorship that will take you even higher. So which course is right for you!? Below we expand on our Certification Courses so that you can decide which next step will be the starting point of something new in your beauty biz!

Beginners Course

Here we dive into the fundamentals of the sunless industry so that you can go into opening your own business feeling confident and knowledgeable with a new understanding of sunless and business education! 

Who is this for: Newbie artists looking to learn how to spray tan or perfect their artistry!

Masters Course

This course dives deeper into sunless education and business knowledge through learning the truth behind sunless, understanding skin & DHA % and contouring!

Who is this for: Experienced artists who want to learn more about sunless and business knowledge that will help them create more income!

Contouring Course

Want to bring that expression “if you can’t tone it, tan it” to a whole nothaaa level!? This course allows you to learn the art of spray tan contouring!

Who is this for: Any spray tan glow boss who is ready to level up their service menu, diversify their brand and bring in more income!

Marketing Courses

You can’t have a thriving business without marketing! These courses allow you to have a greater understanding of how to position your business to attract your ideal cleans, retain previous clients and create a brand you LOVE!

Who is this for: All beauty biz babes who are ready to up level their business through all things marketing and branding.

We also have a brand spankin' new course offering available on the website right now! Our Spray Tanning People of Color Course taught with the incredible Maria Michelle Lee dives into how you can create the most flawless, natural looking tans for people of color. This course is designed for certified spray tan artists wanting to expand their expertise in offering spray tan services to those of darker skin tones. A few of the topics that are covered in this course include, solution percentages, sun damage, and proper shade matching.

I want to leave off by saying that I know investing in yourself and your business is scary AF. When you invest, you're taking a leap of faith and putting your energy, money and time toward something that you hope will reap the benefits you're looking for. Trust me when I tell you, I’ve made some poor investments. But one thing that I have always gotten out of EVERY investment I’ve made, no matter how big or small, is an experience and a lesson. I’ve alway learned something and I’ve always grown. I know it’s easy to let fear take over, but just remember that you deserve every single part of the vision you have for yourself! 

For more information on everythannnggg that is included in your Spray Tan Certifications, head over to!