The Importance of Mastering a Five-Star Spray Tan Technique

Nov 25, 2023

Every spray tan artist tends to find their own rhythm and groove when it comes to their technique and artistry. As you grow as an artist, expand your knowledge through courses and certifications and gain more experience while running your business, you may find that your technique changes over time. You may also notice that most artists don’t spray tan the exact same way, but are still able to deliver a flawless sun-kissed glow for each and every client. As a beginner artist, you may also find it difficult to incorporate a technique that you feel comfortable with and produces the results you and your client are hoping to achieve. Although this learning curve may feel frustrating as you grow into the artist you are meant to be, it’s important to keep practicing! Having a five-star spray tan technique allows your business to stand out amongst the crowd, putting your artistry on the map. Here's why investing in your education is essential for those who strive to provide a flawless and natural-looking tan.


A five-star spray tan technique is synonymous with being able to provide consistent results for your clients. Expert technicians who have nailed down their technique are known for being meticulous during their application, ensuring an even and consistent coverage across the entire body. Providing this level of attention to detail is crucial for avoiding uneven patches or streaks that can take place if you’re lacking in skill set. Clients should expect to be able to receive the same consistent quality before, during and after their appointment in order to build the trust that comes from gaining a loyal clientele!

Customization for Individual Skin Tones  

One of the standout features of a five-star spray tan is the ability to create a customized experience for all clients despite where they may land on the Fitzpatrick Scale. When offering a spray tanning service, you’ll come across clients who have fair skin and prefer a subtle sun-kissed look, but you’ll also have clients come to you who are hoping to achieve a deep bronze glow. All of the clients you will see within a work day will have different skin types, tones and wants for what their tan goals are. Skilled technicians can tailor the solution to meet each specific preference, providing a personalized and natural experience for all clients.

Natural and Healthy Appearance

Although spray tanning still carries a pesky stigma of leaving the skin looking orange or unnatural, a five-star spray tan technique aims for a sun-kissed glow that mimics a natural tan. As artists, we now have a plethora of options when it comes to choosing carefully formulated solutions that are made-with skin-loving ingredients to hydrate and nourish the skin while providing the most naturally sun-kissed appearance. However, spray tan artists who implore a five star spray tan technique can’t just rely on the products to do the heavy lifting for them. Using premium quality products is just part of the equation to getting a natural, healthy-looking glow. Being knowledgeable in spray tan positions that allow you to reach all areas of the body, while applying solution in even strokes without oversaturating the body is crucial to providing clients with a five star spray tanning experience. 

Time Efficiency

One thing we all have in common is leading a busy lifestyle. Although offering a spray tanning service is one of the quicker services to provide within the beauty industry, it’s important to remember that time is of the essence. A five-star spray tan is a time-efficient alternative to spending hours under the sun or using self-tanning creams. Typically, spray tanning appointments will only take about 20-30 minutes. In just a short session, your clients can achieve a beautiful tan that rivals the results of extended sun exposure, without the harmful effects of UV rays.

Confidence Boost

We like to say that sunless tanning is like liquid confidence applied to the body. A flawless tan can significantly boost your client’s confidence by evening out their skin tone and immediately providing a fresh youthful glow to the entire body. Whether preparing for a special event or simply wanting to feel more confident in everyday life, the radiant glow achieved through a five-star spray tan can provide a transformative and empowering experience that your clients will fall head over heels for.

Professional Expertise

Choosing to get a spray tan means that your clients are trusting a skilled professional to change their appearance. Trained technicians understand the art and science behind the process of sunless tanning. Although from the outside, spray tanning may look like a fast and simple way to get a tan, going above and beyond to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for clients is what creating a five star spray tan is all about and it’s not as easy as it looks! The level of expertise needed to create 100% satisfaction and success of each tanning session no matter your client’s shape, size or color is what will set you apart as the most skilled and talented sunless artist in your town.

Now you can understand the importance of providing a five-star spray tan technique in your spray tan biz. Delivering precision and customization while offering a natural and healthy appearance is the epitome of being a skilled sunless artist. When you’ve mastered a technique that prioritizes expertise, your clients can expect the consistency of achieving radiant and confident glow, helping you to build your clientele and reach your biggest business goals. To learn more about how you can elevate your sunless business technique and make more money, head over to the Spray Tan Class Courses page!