Glowing Careers: Benefits of Being a Spray Tan Trainer

Dec 24, 2023

Choosing a career path that not only aligns with your passion for beauty but also allows you to positively impact others can be rare mix. Being a spray tan trainer is one those rare opportunities that offers a host of benefits that go far just teaching others to give the gift of glow. If you’ve gotten  years of spray tanning experience under your belt, perfected your technique,  made a name as the go-to sunless artist in your town, and taken allllll the trainings & certifications, becoming a spray tan trainer is the perfect way to step into a new level of your sunless business. Let's dive into the radiant world of spray tan training and explore all the advantages that come with expanding your busines into this realm of your spray tanning journey. 

Expertise Mastery

As a spray tan trainer, you’re known as a master of your craft. You’ve spent years diving deep into the art and science of sunless tanning, continually refining your skills and staying on top of the latest trends and innovations in the sunless industry. This expertise not only enhances your personal skill set but also positions you as a trusted authority in the field. In an industry that evolves rapidly, staying on top of trends is crucial. As a spray tan artist who’s a veteran in your profession, you've worked hard to learn all about the latest products, techniques, and preferences in sunless tanning. This not only keeps your knowledge current but also positions you as an industry leader who can guide others through the ever-changing landscape of sunless trends.

Empowering Others

Few things are as rewarding or empowering than guiding others to the level of success you’ve been able to achieve within your own sunless business. As a spray tan trainer, you have the privilege of sharing your knowledge and experience with aspiring technicians, witnessing their growth, enhancing their confidence, and giving them the blueprint to success as they perfect the art of spray tanning. Expanding your expertise into training others to accomplish their biggest goals as a glow-giver is a truly one of the most fulfilling avenues you can venture into when growing your career.

Flexible Schedule

When you started your entrepreneurial journey as the designated sunless sister in your town, you more than likely craved freedom and flexibility in your schedule. Looking back on being a beginning sunless biz babe, you may recall how difficult it can be to grow your clientele and achieve the financial goals that allow you to have the flexibility you dream of. This experience allows you to connect with the students you teach when showing them how they can grow a successful business that awards them that same freedom they’re chasing. Not only that, but there’s a new level of flexibility that comes from being a spray tan trainer. Whether you choose to work independently, for a beauty school, or offer workshops and seminars, you have the freedom to design a schedule that suits your lifestyle. 

Financial Rewards

The demand for skilled spray tan technicians is on the rise! There may be plenty of spray tan certification courses available on the market, but the quality and education included in most of these trainings are lacking. As a trainer, you play a vital role in meeting the demand to offer up-to-date information on sunless science, skin types and product knowledge that can be rare to find within a training course. Offering a quality training course not only allows you to position yourself as an expert in your field, but it also produces the ability to earn substantial  financial rewards as this expertise becomes sought after. Whether you choose to train individuals, lead workshops, or collaborate with beauty schools, the potential for financial success is a notable perk of being a spray tan trainer. Creating spray tanning certification courses and offering 1:1 student training provides you the opportunity to work less hours while making more money as well, due to the running rate for quality sunless training can be priced at around $1,500 per student. 

Becoming a spray tan trainer is more than just a choice to levelup your career; it's a radiant journey filled with personal and professional benefits. From mastering your craft to empowering others and enjoying a flexible schedule, this profession offers a unique blend of passion and practicality. If you’re a spray tan artist that has invested the time, energy & money into being a master of their craft and become someone that other beginner artists look up to, it may just be time to step into this new role as a spray tan artist!

Here’s the thing, the years of investing into your knowledge and sunless education is worth far MORE than you probably even realize! There are sunless biz owners who are just starting out in the industry & at a place in their life that you were once at who want to be where YOU are - a successful, booked & busy spray tan artist. So, whether you have already started a training program, but want to attract more of your dream students, while charging MORE or you’re ready to put a training program together, but don’t know where to start, the Spray Tan Class Teacher Training Certification is your ticket to making more money in 2024, glow boss. To learn more about the Spray Tan Teacher Training program, get on a call with one of our student success coordinators today!