5 Steps To Growing Your Beauty Biz With Newsletter Marketing

Jan 13, 2022

One of the best things I did to grow my beauty business was implementing email marketing. Do you have an opt-in option that you use for newsletter marketing currently? If not, I have some great tips for you on how you can get this started in your beauty biz TODAY! The truth is, if you’re not implementing newsletter marketing into your overall marketing strategy, you’re leaving money on the table, girl! The fact of the matter is that you don’t own the followers you have on social media. Although you may be posting consistently and staying on top of the content game (very proud of you btw), if Instagram or Facebook disappeared tomorrow, you would lose all contact with your clients and your income streams would be completely depleted. What you do own, however, is your email list. Through sending out specific newsletters to your list, you’re able to target these audience members in a whole new, personal way and there’s no one that can take it away from you!

You can start building your list a few different ways, but essentially, you’re going to want to create an opt-in option on your website that will offer your clients and potential subscribers a way to give their email to you in exchange for a specific offer. This offer could be 10% off their first services, free shipping on a retail purchase through you or anything specific to your business that you think would resonate best with your clients. Once you have your opt-in option set up for your website visitors, you can use your other channels, such as your social media accounts, to continuously drive traffic to your website to help build your list!

Here’s a step by step process to get your newsletter marketing up and running in no time!


You will need to sign up for an email marketing service. If you’re brand new, I recommend looking into MailChimp. This service has a free option and is super user friendly for newbies that want to get started on their newsletter marketing journey but may feel a little nervous about figuring out the whole process. Mailchimp allows you to customize your email templates and send out campaigns easily to your email list, however if you’ve dabbled with email marketing before, there are plenty of options available to set your service up with.


Start building your email list! Use social media to drive customers to your website, use facebook groups as a way to offer an opt-in promo where customers put in their email address to receive an offer in return. Also, collaborate with other people in the industry to gain exposure to more people in your ideal audience! The more people in your ideal target market that you’re able to bring into your audience, the most chances you have of getting audience members that want to subscribe to your email list. 


Create a strategy to continuously drive your audience to your website through social media and then allow them to opt-in to your offer at different points in your website. You can have a pop up offer that opens up a few seconds after a new visitor enters your website, a banner across the top of your website that pops up after a certain duration fo time to remind the website visitor there’s an offer available to them and even a reminder at the bottom of your website that says, “Receive 10% off your first service! Subscribe now!” Or something to that effect, you get the drift! The key is to stay continuous in this strategy so that you will continue to grow your email list and therefore bring in mo’ money! This should always be at the top of your priority list when you’re focusing on your marketing strategy so that you can continue to funnel more people into your opt-in offer. 


Set up an automation that allows the emails that are put into your website through your opt-in to automatically be sent over to the newsletter marketing service you’ve chosen. If you don’t know how to do this, hiring someone from a service like Upwork is a great option to help you get the process done and save you a lot of time! I understand that if you’re not a tech-savvy person, this can feel SO overwhelming! That’s when it’s important to consider other options you have available to you. Saving yourself the time and stress of trying to figure this out alone may be worth bringing in an expert in this area. 


What I’ve done was create a welcome sequence. When someone opts in to my email list, they would get an introductory email that just says “hey, I’m kelly..” and introduces them to information about myself. After a few days they will get another automated email that introduces them into more details on my business and what services are offered, and then a few days after that another automated email will go out that will invite them to engage with us through replying with any questions they have or instructing them to go to our social media account.

Think about your email list as a way to provide value to your subscribers and customers in a way that allows them to build trust in who you are and what you provide. This is a great way to connect and nurture your audience, but it doesn’t have to be all about sales!

If you want more marketing tips, head over to our Spray Tan Class Youtube channel!