Online Course Guarantee Clause


We are confident in the quality of Spray Tan Class courses, and we stand behind the value it provides. To assure our participants of our commitment to their success, we offer the following guarantee:


Guarantee Statement:


We guarantee that participants who complete any Spray Tan Class course and actively engage with the course content as outlined in our terms and conditions will experience significant improvement in their understanding of the subject matter.


Terms and Conditions:


Eligibility: To qualify for the guarantee, participants must complete all course modules, assignments, and assessments within the specified timeframe.
Active Engagement: Participants must actively engage with the course material, as defined by watching 100% of video lectures, participating in discussion forums and present for at least 90% of the coaching sessions.
Timeline: The guarantee is valid for a period of 60 days from the course completion date.
Documentation: Participants must provide documentation of completed assignments, assessments, and any relevant course-related activities.


Process for Requesting Guarantee:


Participants who believe they have not experienced the promised improvement must submit a written request for the guarantee, including documentation as outlined in the terms and conditions.
Our team will review the request and documentation within 14 days to determine eligibility.
If eligibility is confirmed, the participant will be entitled to up to 3 months of extra support from our team.




This guarantee does not cover circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to external factors affecting participant performance, technical issues unrelated to the course platform, or failure to adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in this guarantee clause.


We are committed to continuous improvement, and participant feedback is valuable to us. If you have any concerns or suggestions regarding the course, please contact our support team at [email protected]