Spray Tan Class 

Perfecting The Art Of Spray Tanning




Learn how to successfully market your beauty business and make more money!




I have gathered the most common questions I get from airbrush tanning artists and answered them all in one mini-course: “Perfecting the Art of Spray Tanning”.

Videos for each topic will be included demonstrating each technique/strategy to create a flawless glow!


I used these exact tools, tactics, and techniques to scale my mobile sunless hustle into a 6-figure beauty business. I’ve taught these strategies to over a thousand other women and helped them attract enough clients to build their own 5-6 figure businesses too!

The Beauty Business Beginner’s Marketing Course is your one-stop-shop for building a strong reputation and a client base full of luxury customers that love the glow life! Use this training successfully, and you’ll become the #1 luxury Spray Tan Artist in your area.





  • Full Body Application.
  • Color Wheel + Bases Training.
  • Mini-Contouring.
  • Tanning Booty + Breasts.
  • Tanning Age Spots + Dry Areas.
  • Tanning Stretch Marks.
  • Tanning Arms.
  • Tanning Wrists + Ankles.
  • Applying Drying Powder.
  • Spray Tanning Hands, Feet + Face.
  • Equipment + Gun Settings.
  • DHA % + Skin Types.
  • Spray Tanning Wrinkles.
  • Blending Mistakes.
  • Tanning larger body types.



Become A Luxury Spray Tan Artist with Spray Tan Class

  • Get STC Certified
  • Learn our coveted SlayTan Application Method
  • Build your brand with our Spray Tan Slayer Business Model

100% Of Students Get:


  • Complete Training in our trademarked SlayTan MethodÔ
  • Instant Access to over 70+ Learning Modules
  • 16+ hours of video tutorials, Q&A guides, and webinars
  • Complete Training in our Spray Tan Slayer Business Model
  • Mentorship through our 45-Day Guide to Slay Mentorship Program
  • Lifetime Access to All Online Training
  • FREE Access to Updated Modules
  • Membership to our exclusive Beauty Business Babes FB Group and STC Student Community
  • Direct access to Kelly Ann Callaghan – our founder
  • Discounts on top sunless brands for supplies
  • Exclusive Invites to Sunless Events, Virtual Parties, Workshops, and More!


We Teach:

  •  Beginner’s Courses
  • Master’s Courses
  • Business & Marketing Courses



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