Masters Spray Tanning
Certification Course
(In Person)

From: $647 (deposit) + $660 (due the day of training)

Already have a business, but looking to grow?

This course is for established spray tan artists who want to create more revenue without adding more work and spending more time.

Together, my team and I will help you 2x, 5x, even 10x your Sunless Business Income with minimal extra work. When you sign up now, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of sunless art, from application to science and everything in between:

- How to master spray tanning the face, hands, and feet
- The secret techniques to covering scars, stretchmarks, and skin
- How to achieve a Kim K worthy Body Contour on women, men, and plus-size body types
- The science of sunless products and the ingredients that make you glow
- And so much more!

Plus, you’ll learn the proven sales, marketing and business tactics I used to expand my sunless business into a $500k/year beauty empire. Invest in your business and see immediate ROI. Take our Master’s Spray Tan Course, and elevate your business to the next level.