Spray Tan Class 

Beginners Spray Tanning Certification Course - Online

with Gold Spray Tan Equipment Package


Get The One And Only Training You Need To Start
Your Luxury Spray Tan Business

When you complete our Beginner’s Spray Tan course, you’ll have everything you’ll need to establish your business, book your first client, and start living your Glow Boss dream!

Whether in-person or online, our step-by-step tutorials teach you everything you need to know about skin, sunless solutions, and our trademarked "Slay Tan Method" so that you can deliver a perfect spray tan from head to toe.

But Technique is just the start. You’ll also learn how to get your business license, how to market your business to attract new clients and the keys to mastering your mindset to overcome any fear and doubt that might hold you back.

And you won’t have to do it alone. As soon as you join, you get access to our group of 9000+ Beauty Business Babes for ongoing support. Plus, you’ll also gain access to our STC Student group – an exclusive membership for students only! Even after you get certified, you’ll get 45 days of mentorship from one of our certified trainers to answer any questions you have and help you take action on what you’ve learned.

Our high-end technique and knowledge base, combined with real business, marketing and mindset mentorship will help lay the foundation for your very own 5-6 figure luxury spray tan business in a matter of weeks instead of years.

Take our Beginner’s Spray Tan Course if you’re ready to discover:


● The Secret To Filling Up Your Appointment Book Before You Even
Launch Your Business
● The Little-Known Technique For Getting A Perfect Spray Tan On The
Most Troublesome Areas
● The (G)Lowdown On The Top Spray Solutions On The Market PLUS
Which Ones To Buy And Which Ones To Avoid
● 7 Reasons Why Luxe Spray Tans Are Worth 10x More Than Cheap Booth Spray Tans
● The Simple Mindset Shift That Can Help You Conquer Your Fear And
Take The Leap On Your Business
● The Fool-Proof Spray Tan Slayer Business Model That Will Help You
Scale Your Business From $0 To 6 Figures

The Best Spray Tan Equipment Package Included

The Gold Sunless Artists Equipment Package - includes :


Apollo T-100 Machine + T-6000 Gun
XL Spray Tan Tent
1 Gallon Obsidian Solution - can tan up to 80 clients
100 Hairnets
25 Sticky Feet
25 Nose Plugs
25 Disposable Thongs
25 Eye Winkies
2 Disposable Masks
pH Balancer
Barrier Cream

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International shipping extra.

When You Join The Spray Tan Class – Beginner’s Certification Now, You’ll Get:

● 36 Step-By-Step Video Tutorials Lessons
● Official Spray Tan Class Beginner’s Certification
● 45 Day Post-Certification Mentorship
● Lifetime Access to online training and FREE upgrades to all video
training modules
● Instant Access to the Beauty Business Babes FB Group (9000+ Women) and our exclusive STC Student Group
● Expert Recommendations On Solution, Spray Tan Equipment, Insurance And More!
● Exclusive Discounts On Multiple Sites So You Can Get The Materials You Need At The Best Price
● Opportunity To Be Featured On Our Blog To Instantly Expand Your Reach And Authority
● Direct Access To Kelly Ann Callaghan Through A 30-Minute Business
Consultation And Our Online Communities.


Become A Luxury Spray Tan Artist with Spray Tan Class

  • Get STC Certified
  • Learn our coveted SlayTan Application Method
  • Build your brand with our Spray Tan Slayer Business Model

100% Of Students Get:


  • Complete Training in our trademarked SlayTan MethodÔ
  • Instant Access to over 70+ Learning Modules
  • 16+ hours of video tutorials, Q&A guides, and webinars
  • Complete Training in our Spray Tan Slayer Business Model
  • Mentorship through our 45-Day Guide to Slay Mentorship Program
  • Lifetime Access to All Online Training
  • FREE Access to Updated Modules
  • Membership to our exclusive Beauty Business Babes FB Group and STC Student Community
  • Direct access to Kelly Ann Callaghan – our founder
  • Discounts on top sunless brands for supplies
  • Exclusive Invites to Sunless Events, Virtual Parties, Workshops, and More!


We Teach:

  •  Beginner’s Courses
  • Master’s Courses
  • Business & Marketing Courses

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