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Make Your Beauty Mark:
A Marketing Guide For Beauty Industry Professionals






Learn how to successfully market your beauty business and make more money!





Through worksheets and videos, I share my juicy secrets with you to help you attract your ideal clients into your beauty biz, retain previous clients, create a brand you LOVE, and more!

 Become The Most Popular Sunless Artist In Your Area.

The Beauty Business Beginner’s Marketing course is an online video series that focuses on the go-to, proven marketing strategies that will grow your business and maximize profits.

Take this course if you’re already a working Spray Tan artist and you’re ready to boost your clientele so you can tap into limitless income.



I used these exact tools, tactics, and techniques to scale my mobile sunless hustle into a 6-figure beauty business. I’ve taught these strategies to over a thousand other women and helped them attract enough clients to build their own 5-6 figure businesses too!

The Beauty Business Beginner’s Marketing Course is your one-stop-shop for building a strong reputation and a client base full of luxury customers that love the glow life! Use this training successfully, and you’ll become the #1 luxury Spray Tan Artist in your area.




Make Your Beauty Mark E-Book

Interested in learning the juicy secrets to thriving in the cutthroat spray tan industry?


I’m spilling all the tea in this e-book! Grab this e-book now and learn how I curb haters and keep my brand dominating in the spray tan scene.

Let me help you navigate the murky channels of the beauty business industry. The secrets hidden in this book will help you stay on top of your game, silence your competition, and how to spot a hater from a mile away (and keep them from tanking your business).

We cover everything from protecting your finances to mastering social media trends. Plus, I include helpful workbook activities so you can practice the skills in real-time and make sure you’re on track. Listen – you don’t want to start or continue your beauty business without this guide. Trust and believe, you’ll be ready to make your beauty mark when you finish this e-book.


Download our e-book now to learn:
  • How To Dominate The Beauty Industry From The Moment You Start Your Beauty Business

  • Step-By-Step Guide To Building Your Brand, Attracting New Clients, And Operating A Real Business

  • The Secret Tactics I Used To Ethically Spy On My Competitors And Beat Them At Their Own Game

  • How To Set Perfect Pricing Matrix To Maximize Your Profits While Giving Maximum Value To Your Clients

  • The #1 Way To Protect Your Finances From Haters And High-Taxes

  • The Hidden Psychology Behind Branding That Will Attract Your Ideal Clients Like A Magnet

  • How To “Hack” Search Engines To Bring Clients Straight To Your Website For Free!



When You Purchase The “Make Your Beauty Mark E-Book”, You’ll Get:


  • Why Make Your Mark?
  •  Your Beauty Client Avatar
  • Scope Your Competition
  • Separating Yourself From Your Competition
  • Pricing Your Services
  • Legal Forms, Insurance, Licenses, Oh My!
  • Branding Your Biz
  • Where To Get Your Designs + Prints
  • Website Marks
  • Search Engine Optimization (Seo)
  • Local Marks
  • Let’s Get Social, Beauty
  • Review Sites
  • Newsletters, Mailing Lists + More!
  • Lights, Camera, Action!
  • Copyright Laws
  • Free Stock Photos & Graphic Design
  • Networking, Connecting + Growing
  • Mindset Talk: Be A Persistent Babe
  • 2 Bonus Chapters!




Become A Luxury Spray Tan Artist with Spray Tan Class

  • Get STC Certified
  • Learn our coveted SlayTan Application Method
  • Build your brand with our Spray Tan Slayer Business Model

100% Of Students Get:


  • Complete Training in our trademarked SlayTan MethodÔ
  • Instant Access to over 70+ Learning Modules
  • 16+ hours of video tutorials, Q&A guides, and webinars
  • Complete Training in our Spray Tan Slayer Business Model
  • Mentorship through our 45-Day Guide to Slay Mentorship Program
  • Lifetime Access to All Online Training
  • FREE Access to Updated Modules
  • Membership to our exclusive Beauty Business Babes FB Group and STC Student Community
  • Direct access to Kelly Ann Callaghan – our founder
  • Discounts on top sunless brands for supplies
  • Exclusive Invites to Sunless Events, Virtual Parties, Workshops, and More!


We Teach:

  •  Beginner’s Courses
  • Master’s Courses
  • Business & Marketing Courses




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