Spray Tan Class: Masters Spray Tanning
Certification Course


Already have a business, but looking to grow?

This course is for established spray tan artist who want to create more revenue without adding more work and spending more time.

Together, my team and I will help you 2x, 5x, even 10x your Sunless Business Income with minimal extra work. When you sign up now, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of sunless art, from application to science and everything in between:

- How to master spray tanning the face, hands, and feet
- The secret techniques to covering scars, stretchmarks, and skin
- How to achieve a Kim K worthy Body Contour on women, men, and plus-size body types
- The science of sunless products and the ingredients that make you glow
- And so much more!

Plus, you’ll learn the proven sales, marketing and business tactics I used to expand my sunless business into a $500k/year beauty empire. Invest in your business and see immediate ROI. Take our Master’s Spray Tan Course, and elevate your business to the next level.


In The Master’s Certification Course, You’ll Tap Into:


● The Little-Known Truth About Skin And DHA That Can Make You A Go-To Skin Expert For All Your Sunless Clients
● The Science Of Sunless From One Of The Industry’s Leading Cosmetic
● How To Instantly Add $60k+/Year To Your Sunless Business With Easy-
To-Do Upsells
● How To Stand Out From Amateur Spray Tan Artists By Avoiding (And
Fixing) These Common Spray Tan Mistakes.
● How To Grow Your Sunless Business By 20-30% By Using These Fool-
Proof Marketing Strategies
● How To Make Sales Without Sounding Like The Annoying Avon Lady
● How To Delegate Pesky Tasks To Save You Time On What You Love Most (And What Earns You The Most Money)
● And So Much More!



Our Master Course Features:

● 23 Lessons Including:
○ Science Behind Sunless With Cosmetic Chemist Vibha Makwana Of
○ Our trademarked "Slay Tan Method" that you can only learn at STC
○ Contouring Male, Female and Curvy body types
○ And More!

Plus - You'll receive your Official Spray Tan Class Master’s Certification
● The secrets to 3X your business with Sunless Bridal (including
Technique, Pricing, and Packaging)
● Done-For-You Social Media Marketing Templates
● Lifetime Access to online training and FREE upgrades to all video
training modules
● Sample Spray Tan Intake Form & Release Form Templates
● How to create 5 Additional Income Streams Plus How To Add Them To
Your Sunless Business
● My Blueprint For Delegating And Systemizing The Tasks That Keep Your Business Running
● Exclusive Discounts On Multiple Sites So You Can Get The Materials You Need At The Best Price
● Opportunity To Be Featured On Our Blog To Instantly Expand Your Reach And Authority
● Direct Access To Kelly Ann Callaghan Through A 30-Minute Business
Consultation And Our Online Communities

Ready To Master The Art And Business Of Spray Tanning?
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