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Accepting Applications for our 8 Week Program

8 week coaching calls + virtual mentoring program.
Available for certified spray tanning technicians worldwide.
Airbrush Teacher Training Certification upon completion.

If you are interested in applying,
please submit your application by clicking HERE.

If you’re ready to become a certified Airbrush Tanning Instructor and start teaching the art of spray tanning to students, the Airbrush Teacher Training certification program is for you. We offer an 8-week program 1:1 coaching program that will help you put together your very own training program that will allow you to teach your students confidently, professionally and with the assistance of one of the most sought out instructors in the field, Kelly Callaghan.

Because we will be accepting applications on an international level, trainings will be conducted by phone or Skype (45minute calls weekly) and you will have unlimited access to online support for 8 weeks.

As you know, the industry is growing at an exponential rate and is forecasted to continue to grow in the years to come! There is a need for informed, ethical and professional instructors and we are looking for the best technicians to help educate students across the world (particularly in the U.S.)!

If you would like to apply for our program,
please fill out the application HERE.

Teacher 1

– International Teacher Training –

In order to be accepted into the program, you must be a certified technician.
We offer a flexible training schedule that works for you.
We offer discounts for STC students.
We offer multiple, affordable payment options.

Teacher 3
Teacher 4

Upon joining us, you will receive a
“Teacher’s Training Kit” valued at over $2400 included in the price:

  • Professional marketing e-book!
  • Legal forms for your clients + models.
  • Discounts on equipment, products + solutions from affiliate companies.
  • Certification to hang.
  • Customized marketing flier for you to use to advertise your spray tan training business!
  • Professionally designed + edited course material with your branding!
  • Edited videos for your clients and marketing (HUGE!)!
  • and more…


During your training with us, you will learn how to…

  • Put together your professional modules and up-to-date training information!
  • Get students enrolled easily and efficiently!
  • Learn how to overcome objectives!
  • Take deposits and payments!
  • Put together your refund (and other) policies!
  • Generate legal forms to give to your students and models!
  • Get models easily!
  • Get certified as an AIRBRUSH TANNING INSTRUCTOR!
  • Your course will be professionally edited and designed!
  • You will get an edited video tutorial to use for your students + marketing!
If you are interested in offering training to students, then this is the correct program for you. Let’s help grow our industry by instructing our students with the most up-to-date, professional education they can receive!
We are so excited for the future of this industry and can’t wait to bring on the BEST teachers to help the industry blossom!

Teacher 5


It is all up to you and how you want to price your trainings (this is a topic discussed during the program). I charge $997 for clients to come to me. $2997 for me to travel to them.
1:1 coaching for 8 weeks (phone + e-mail), full assistance with putting together your training program (setting up modules, use of videos, printing, etc.), rights to use our professional videos for your students (that eliminates a huge cost + hassle!), free legal forms for students + models, marketing tools to attract students and get models easily, certificate to hang, certificate logo for your website, how to invoice and take deposits and payments, assistance with procedures, policies and refunds, professional customized flier for your teaching program and on-going discounts on affiliate programs (Lavish Tan, Whipped Dream + The Sunless Store).
– Just like most airbrush training programs, you will use the tools you learn through our program to advance in your career. In the event there is a student who is interested in working with someone in your specific area, you will get a notification for a referral.
No. You do, however, have to be a certified technician. If you are not a certified technician, please visit to get certified.
You will be informed by either phone or e-mail within 7 business days of applying.
$1000 is required to reserve your spot. 4 equal payments of $1000 each month after the date of the deposit.
We want to set you up for absolute SUCCESS. As soon as you feel confident with your training modules and packages, you can start right away.
The only other cost associated with the training are your printed materials and training solution for your clients.

For further questions, please reach out to:
Good Luck!


I know training can seem expensive–– LET’S MAKE IT MORE AFFORDABLE. Use PayPal to check out
and choose the “PayPal Credit” option to pay off your balance AT YOUR LEISURE. No payments or interest if paid in full within 6 months! Must be for purchases of $99 or more.paypal-image